I am a freelance illustrator, animator, and motion designer that creates beautiful animated videos. My videos are highly entertaining and informative; they communicate the core essence of a company, product, service or idea. And best of all, they help businesses and startups get noticed and acquire more customers.

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Companies want their website to convert potential customers. They need to explain their product or service in an engaging way. Here’s why.

Power of Video

Fast Sensor asks the questions, what brings customers back to your store? How can you drive higher transaction values? This video gets to the answers.

Fast Sensor

Zack's Advantage needed to explain their actively managed automated investment advisory service. It is a serious topic told in a fun way. You'll enjoy it.


When it comes to online referrals, whose judgement do you trust? A stranger or your friends. Your friends trust CheckMate. Here's why.


Being a professional caregiver is challenging. CareFamily allows you to make your own employment choices. This video shows you how it works.


This is no fairy-tale. Enginuity helps you find the right engineer for the job. Told in a fun and engaging way, this video tells the full story in less than 90-seconds.
Once upon a time...

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For additional samples of my work visit my Vimeo and YouTube pages.